Confederate-Themed Bar in Georgia Allegedly Named a Shot After a Racial Slur

Someone took a picture of this recipe sheet from General Beauregard’s in Athens, Georgia

This photo was taken in 2007 when the bar used to hang Confederate flags, but they have taken them down.

There is a Confederate-themed bar in Athens, Georgia that labelled a shot name after a racial slur on the recipe sheet.

General Beauregard’s has a shot on the recipe sheet called, “N*****ita,” with the asterisks. It is made with two parts tequila, one part watermelon liqueur, and a splash of sour mix.

Someone who works at a local print shop told Flagpole Magazine that he saw the drink name on the recipe sheet when a bar employee came in to have the sheets laminated. He took a photo and posted it on Facebook, but later deleted it.

It’s unclear what the real name of the beverage is, but some people are saying that it is the actual name of the shot on the menu.

Daniel Simmons, owner of General Beauregard’s, responded to the photo.

“We had absolutely no knowledge of, and would never condone, this image that is claimed to be our drink menu,” Simmons wrote in an email to Flagpole. “However, to be absolutely clear, we do not provide our customers with a drink menu with the exception of limited specials offered on chalk boards displayed openly by the front door and behind the bar. The circled drink included in the picture is not something we have ever served to customers or advertised and would never be approved by ownership. We are investigating the origin of this photograph and will take appropriate action to resolve this matter as needed.”


In August, General Beauregard’s removed all Confederate flags that were hanging inside and outside of the bar, following the deadly shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, of nine black churchgoers back in June.