This Coke Bottle Takes a Selfie of You While You Drink it

The Coca-Cola selfie bottle is a real thing for Israeli Coke fans: Take a selfie while you sip

Some free advertising for Coke? Don’t mind if I do.

Coca-Cola is tapping into our social media-crazed generation with the introduction of the “selfie bottle.” Available only in Israel for now, a custom-designed plastic camera is attached to the bottom of the Coke bottle, which automatically takes a picture when tilted at a 70-degree angle (approximately the angle needed to take a carbonated sip).

The picture is then automatically uploaded to Coca-Cola Israel’s social media accounts and the user’s own Snapchat account, creating free advertising for Coke and satisfying selfie addicts.

The selfie bottle was originally created by Tel Aviv innovation agency Gefen Team for the Coca-Cola Summer of Love, but the launch was pushed back until November.


“Today everyone is all about Snpachat and their selfies,” the agency told Beverage Daily. “It really does the trick and makes partygoers more present and active during the event knowing they can share their special moments just by drinking.”