Coca-Cola Unites Its Brands Under ‘One-Brand’ Packaging

New packaging features Coca-Cola Red as a unifying color in the form of a Red Disc

The Red Disc is the signature element of the ‘Taste the Feeling’ global campaign the company launched in January.

Coca-Cola has unveiled new packaging across its brands, uniting them through design for the first time in 130 years. Coca-Cola Original Taste/Classic, Coca-Cola Light/Diet, Coca-Cola Zero, and Coca-Cola Life will all feature Coca-Cola Red, in the form of a Red Disc. Brands will be distinguished by their distinctive coloring (red, black, silver, and green, respectively), which will still be present on the packaging.

The Red Disc is the signature element of the new ‘Taste the Feeling’ global creative campaign launched by the company in January, which aims to unite all Coke Trademark brands, according to the company.

“Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset,” said Marcos de Quinto, chief marketing officer, The Coca-Cola Company. “The Coca-Cola Red Disc has become a signature element of the brand, synonymous with great taste, uplift and refreshment. By applying it to our packaging in such a bold way, we are taking the next step towards full adoption of the ‘One Brand’ strategy, uniting the Coca-Cola family under one visual identity and making it even easier for consumers to choose their Coca-Cola with or without calories, with or without caffeine.”

Mexico will be the first market to adopt product with the new packaging, and similar versions are set to roll out in additional markets throughout 2016 and into 2017.


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