Chemex Coffee Receives Presidential Seal of Approval

The White House ordered 150 Chemex coffeemakers, all etched with a presidential seal


Coffee maker is simply made of glass, wood, and a leather tie.

President Obama takes his coffee seriously, so much so that the White House is now home to 150 Chemex coffee makers, all etched with the Presidential Seal, according to a report.

The president was lucky to receive the large shipment, as despite being around for 75 years the company has seen sales grow over 41 percent year-over-year for the past three years, according to MassLive. As a result, high-end distributors such as Williams-Sonoma and Restoration Hardware have delivery times of eight to 10 weeks.

Regarding the secret to the company’s success, Jennifer Grassy, director of organizational development, says, “It’s hipsters.” The type of hipsters that Grassy refers to are those that “[elevate] coffee from [a] beverage to a lifestyle expression,” MassLive reports.

Chemex coffee makers retail from $39 to $100 depending on size and the glassblowing technique used to make the mold (i.e. with or without the aid of a mold).

“It's all natural, our coffee makers are glass, wood and a leather tie. The filter is paper. They are not made in a machine. Everything is touched by human hands,” Grassy says. “There isn't any funny gurgling noise when you use them. It's for people who want to know what they are eating, what they are drinking and how it is made.”

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