'Caffeinated,' A Documentary About Coffee, Premieres July 14

On Tuesday, July 14, Caffeinated, a feature documentary about coffee, will premiere nationwide. The film follows coffee as it is grown, distributed, and enjoyed, from the farmers who depend on the production of coffee in order to feed their families all the way to the coffee shops where foam has become an art form.

Directors Vishal Solanki and Hanh Nguyen travel with green coffee buyer George Watts to the world's biggest coffee-producing regions and the world's most caffeinated cities. They interview the farmers for whom coffee production is a vital, generations-old family business, and a few of the many, many people whose days do not begin without a cup of coffee.

From a visit with the actor Danny Glover in California to a kitchen in Istanbul, Caffeinated highlights coffee's unique ability to be both universal and culturally distinct, and the ways it connects, in good ways and bad, the world's richest and poorest citizens.

Watch the trailer for Caffeinated below: