Oreo Cookie Shake

Burger King

Burger King Adds an Oreo Cookie Shake to Its Sweet Shake Lineup

New drink is a spin on the chain’s classic Oreo Shake

Burger King has introduced an Oreo Chocolate Shake, for “double the chocolate.” It is a spin on its classic Oreo shake, and is made with vanilla soft serve, Oreo cookie pieces, and chocolate sauce. In comparison, the regular Oreo shake is made with a vanilla sauce instead of a chocolate sauce.

Brand Eating points out that the Oreo Chocolate Shake is essentially the chain’s chocolate shake with Oreos mixed in or an Oreo Shake with chocolate sauce mixed in, meaning you can get your Oreo Chocolate Shake fix if it’s ever taken off the menu.

Also on the Burger King shake menu is Dr. Pepper, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

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