Melting ice caps and disappearing species….but hey, at least there'll be more wine to drink!

Wikimedia Commons--Winery, Cornwall, England

Britain Will Likely Become A Top Wine Producer Due to Climate Change

The UK could become a bastion of top wines, thanks to the Earth’s changing temperatures and weather patterns

Scientists have been warning about dangerous climate change consequences for decades, and our environmental future hangs in the balance as America transitions from the Obama to the Trump administration. Even with alarmingly warm temperatures, though, the world wine supply is not in grave danger — though the physical location of vineyards and the varieties they grow will likely change. Researchers forecast that as the earth heats up and portions of traditional wine regions like Argentina, Chile, and California become too warm for most wine grape crops, the UK will become an increasingly important wine producer.

The study, commissioned by Laithwaite’s Wine, evaluated how changing temperatures could impact wine production by the year 2100. Scientists came to the conclusion that with climate change, high elevations will become more suitable to winemaking.

“Climate is critical to successful grape cultivation,” says study author Mark Maslin, a professor at the University College London in a statement. “This study could signal how we think long-term about British wine production and redraw the future wine map of the world.”

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It should be noted that Southeastern England has already been making award-winning wine for some time, especially sparkling wines, though English wines are a long way from gaining the acceptance accorded to continental European wines, according to Time.