This Brewery Offers Paid ‘Pawternity’ Leave to New Dog Owners

Brew Dog, a Scottish Pub, is opening a location in Columbus, Ohio, and bringing its unusual paid leave policy with it

Not such a “ruff” gig, is it?

Have you ever gotten a new canine friend but were dismayed that you had to face your new pal’s sad puppy dog eyes come Monday morning? If you work at this brewery, that won’t be a problem. Brew Dog, a Scottish Pub with an apropos name, has a “pawternity leave” policy for new dog owners, which allows all 1,000 employees who adopt or buy a pup to take a week off to bond with their new furry friend. It’s the first brewery in the UK to offer such a policy.

Brew Dog will soon be opening a new location in Columbus, Ohio — their first US location — and the pet-friendly policy will be hopping the pond with them. Dogs are also allowed to accompany their pet parents to any one of the 44 Brew Dog locations across the UK.

“One of our aims as a business is to be the best company to work for. Ever. Puppy Parental Leave is just one small step towards making that a reality, as we launched it as a direct response to staff members who were taking holiday days to settle in new dogs, or worrying about their new best friend at home when they were at work,” owner James Watt told Vice’s Munchies. “The two things we care most about in the world are beer and people. We also really, really like dogs.”


Brew Dog also offers “an enhanced maternity and paternity leave and pay policy,” but unfortunately the same policy does not apply to cats, hamsters, goldfish, etc. Sorry, Fluffy.