This Brewery Is Making Beer From Sewer Water

Stone Brewing in California is making beer from recycled sewer water, and they’re calling it ‘toilet to tap’

It sounds unappetizing, but Stone Brewery may have hit a royal flush.

You probably don’t think too much about the afterlife of toilet water after you flush, but one brewery wants to turn sewage into suds. Stone Brewing in California is making beer from recycled sewer water. But don’t worry — it’s treated before it ends up in your pint glass.

The pale ale is appropriately called Full Circle, and is made with sewage water from the Pure Water San Diego demonstration plant as part of the city’s environmentally friendly plan to make one-third of its wastewater drinkable by 2035. And according to the local ABC News affiliate, Stone Brewery’s senior manager of brewing and innovation, Steve Gonzalez, is thrilled with the product. "Among the pale ales that I've made, it's probably in the top three,” he explained, adding that the beer has “some caramel notes, some tropical fruit notes” and is “a very clean-tasting beer."


This is not the first time a brewery has tried to save the planet. A brewery in Oregon has also brewed beer from sewer water, and another brewery in Florida created eco-friendly six-pack rings that won’t harm ocean life.