This Brewery Invented Edible, Biodegradable Six-Pack Rings That Won’t Harm the Oceans

Saltwater Brewery in Florida has created eco-friendly six-pack rings that fish can eat (or ignore) without causing any harm

Someone should have thought of this concept decades ago.

We’ve all seen the disturbing footage of marine wildlife getting caught in the plastic rings that soda and beer six-packs come in.But one brewery has a solution to beer packaging that won’t actually ruin our oceans: biodegradable, edible six-pack rings.

Saltwater Brewery in Florida created 100 percent decomposable six-pack rings made from wheat and barley waste from the beer-making process. Fish and marine wildlife can eat the “plastic” without being harmed or, if it’s left alone, it will dissolve and not harm the delicate environment.

“The creative solution we bring forward has the potential to influence how we do sustainable packaging with zero waste and no impact on wildlife,” Marco Vega, co-founder of We Believers, the advertising company partnering, told Digital Trends.


The six-pack rings will be available for wholesale purchase later this year, though they will be — admittedly — a tad more expensive than other plastic options. Our marine wildlife suffering, however, has a much higher cost.