Blue Wine Is Coming to the United States

The company claims to have ‘revolutionized’ the beverage industry with its wine

The wine contains 11.5 percent ABV.

If you’ve ever been torn between choosing red or white wine, the struggle is over — Spain’s Gik wine, which combines both red and white wine grapes, is officially coming to the United States.

The blue wine, which debuted last summer, is more than just a pretty, blue shade of alcohol. The idea to create the product stemmed from the company’s goal to create something “radically different” while making wine that’s “sweeter and easier to drink,” according to the company. The team came up with the idea after reading The Blue Ocean Strategy, which differentiated between red oceans, which are full of sharks and the fish they eat, and blue oceans, where fish aren’t prey and can swim freely. The company says it was “poetic” to turn a red ocean into a blue ocean and utilized that metaphor in the wine industry.


The blue wine, which was originally only available in Europe, is now available for pre-order to be shipped in the America. The bottles start at $16.