Beetle (Gin and) Juice! A Tim-Burton-Themed Bar Is Opening in New York City

Beetle House, a new bar soon to open in the East Village, is inspired by many of Tim Burton’s classically creepy movies

Rumor has it, if you go to Beetle House and say the bartender’s name three times, he’ll appear.

Everyone hail to the pumpkin ale king! A Tim Burton-themed bar is opening in New York City, and it’s guaranteed to be a spooktacular scene.The bar, called Beetle House, will be opening in the East Village later this month, and will feature sly references to Burton’s cult-classic movies like Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Frankenweenie.

What’s on the menu? A rye-based cocktail called It’s Showtime — a reference to a line from Beetlejuice, and the Cheshire mac and cheese (a reference to Alice in Wonderland), among other wink-and-nod in-jokes that fans will pick up on and enjoy. And the Demon Barber has also contributed to the varied menu of Beetle House: "All meat sourced locally from 100 percent innocent humans captured wild on the streets of NYC," the menu reads, according to Tasting Table.


We heard that if the bar is pretty crowded and you want to tip off the bouncer, he’ll just tell you to “jump in the line.”