This Band Teamed Up With A Craft Brewer For Its Latest Album

Massachusetts craft brewery Aeronaut Brewing Co. and rock band The Lights Out have collaborated to release the band's studio album that's only available with a purchase of a can of Aeronaut's T.R.I.P. beer.

The 7.5 percent ABV Imperial Session IPA contains instructions on the label to obtain the album, Beverage Daily reported.

"The album explores the idea that our observable universe is one of many — a multiverse — where everything possible exists somewhere. It was inspired by the theory that each of us has infinite reflections of ourselves, living alternate lives," a press release stated.

The "adventure beer" and sci-fi album collaboration is a creative way to give beer and music consumers the opportunity to have a full sensory experience with taste and sound.

"Most beer and brewery collaborations are with legacy acts like AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden and Queen," Ulf Oesterle, chair of the department of music and entertainment industries at Syracuse University, said in the press release. "None of them have used beer as a format to release a studio album. The Lights Out is venturing into new territory."