Baltimore Kombucha Company Aims To Make The Drink 'More Approachable'

If you've never tasted Kombucha, it's a fermented tea with a sharp, almost vinegar-like flavor — which can sound intimidating for the first-time drinker. One company, Mobtown Fermentation, is looking to make the beverage "more approachable to the general consumer" by changing the shape of the bottle and creating a smoother taste with its product, Wild Kombucha.

For the product, the company uses a "more familiar glass bottle," which resembles most bottled beers with a dark glass color and tall neck, Sergio Malarin, co-founder of Mobtown Fermentation, told FoodNavigator-USA.

As for the taste, Wild Kombucha is made from a green tea as opposed to more common black tea varieties, which the company says gives it a "lighter, less vinegary flavor."

The company also says it doesn't add sugar to the product during its second round of fermentation, instead adding a little orange juice to help soften the flavor.

Malarin says that while Wild Kombucha is a "small fish" now, he doesn't think it will be for long. In the past two years, he says, the company has grown at a steady rate, having doubled each year.