Are Chile-Infused Juices the Next Big Thing?

The chile-infused non-alcoholic drink Caliente is turning up the heat as an alternative to traditional soft drinks
This is the future of clean water supplies across the world.


This is the future of clean water supplies across the world. 

Here’s a new substitute for sugary soft drinks and juices: chile-infused non-alcoholic drinks.

That’s the concept behind Caliente, which makes two spicy drinks: cranberry, pomegranate, and chile; and ginger, lime, and chile. Caliente is a Swedish startup with plans to expand to other locations in Europe and Asia, but no word yet on whether the drinks will be released in the United States.

The organic drink line is free from added sugar and artificial preservatives. As an added bonus, the drinks contain the chile extract capsaicin, which triggers an endorphin release, giving drinkers a “natural kick.”

“We’re meeting this need, delivering an all-natural juice drink with a punch – perfect to sip on instead of alcohol,” creator Thomas Adner told FoodBev. The punch is created by a chile extract called capsaicin, which triggers the release of endorphins. It gives you a natural kick and rewards your brain. Plus, you won’t get a headache by drinking it. And you can drive home afterwards.” 

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