This App Rewards You With Coffee if You Don’t Text and Drive

Driving Barista app rewards users with a free cup of coffee for driving with their phones face down

Will the promise of free coffee be enough keep people off their phones?

A new, free app created by Toyota and au, a Japanese telecom provider, encourages drivers to stay off their phones while driving with the promise of free coffee, in case your personal safety and that of those around you aren’t reason enough.

To start working towards that free coffee, activate the Driving Barista app before you start driving to your destination, then place your phone face down on a flat surface, Rocket News 24 detailed. The app then records distance traveled, and once you reach 100 kilometers (62 miles), you will receive a coupon for a free cup of coffee from Komeda Coffee, a popular coffee chain in Japan. Subsequent free coffee coupons are earned for each additional 200 kilometers (124 miles) of travel.

If, however, your phone’s sensors detect that it was turned over while the car is still in motion, the distance traveled is reset and the app gives a “failure” message with a spilled cup of coffee.


The app is currently only available in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan, the location of Toyota’s global headquarters and the prefecture that has had the most traffic fatalities for 13 years running.