This App Lets You Reserve a Seat at a Coffee Shop

Croissant allows customers to reserve a spot at their local coffee shop, and then get charged automatically for time spent there
This App Lets You Reserve a Seat at a Coffee Shop

Tired of walking into a coffee shop only to find that every single seat has been taken? This app should help clear up some frustrations.

The founders of the new app Croissant know that sinking feeling all too well: You head over to your local coffee shop with the intention of buying a latte and getting some work done, and every single seat has been taken. People park there for hours. Well, with Croissant, you’ll be able to reserve a spot at your local coffee shop or coworking space ahead of time and pay for the time you spend there.

Founders Dave Idell, Adam Chew, and Nisha Garigan told TechCrunch that customers will be able to check in on the app and even order food and drinks ahead of time. The coolest part of the app is that customers won’t even have to take out their wallet once they’re inside the coffee shop. The Bluetooth Beacons register each customer’s device, and their credit card is automatically charged once they leave.

The app was revealed at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon, but it’s unclear if and when it would be released to the public.

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