Alert: Not Your Father’s Root Beer Just Got Even Boozier

Not Your Father’s Root Beer just released a 10.7-percent-alcohol beverage, almost double its original root beer formula

No more of this pansy “5 percent ABV malted beverage” stuff.

The boozy soda business is booming, and Not Your Father’s Root Beer — which created considerable buzz last year — is looking to keep up with the competition.Introducing its newest and booziest beverage with a 10.7 percent ABV, as opposed to its original hard root beer, with just a 5.9 percent ABV.

The new, more potent version, produced by Small Town Brewery, will be seen in stores and bar taps by this fall in 45 states (sorry Maine, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, and Tennessee).

“The 10.7% was one of our earliest brews and has been amazingly popular since day one,” Tim Kovac, founder and brewmaster at Small Town, told Beer Street Journal. “Demand is strong and has been growing.”


When the original Not Your Father’s Root Beer premiered, it was sold at a whopping 10.7 and 19.5 percent ABV, but after selling production and distribution rights to the owners of Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery, was toned down to comply with mainstream tastes across the country, according to the Chicago Tribune. The root beers with higher alcohol content were never actually distributed nationally.