Accio Caffeine! ‘Harry Potter’-Themed Coffee Shop Opens in Nevada

Bad Owl Coffee opened up a magically ‘Harry Potter’-themed café in Henderson, Nevada
Bad Owl Coffee: Placing Unforgiveable Curses on drowsy mornings, one cup of coffee at a time.


Bad Owl Coffee: Placing Unforgiveable Curses on drowsy mornings, one cup of coffee at a time.

Espresso Patronum! We thought there’d be a spell for morning grogginess, but apparently even wizards need a caffeine fix. Bad Owl Coffee — a new, already-popular coffee shop in Nevada — has opened up a Harry Potter-themed café in Henderson, the second-largest city in Nevada. And yes, there are butterbeer lattes.

When the Bad Owl opened up earlier this week, the line snaked out the door as eager Muggles awaited the opportunity to take a peek at the café themed after one of the world’s most beloved literary phenomena, according to The Las Vegas Review Journal.

The walls inside were plastered with the familiar “Platform 9 ¾” sign, and tables were etched with sly references to the books and movies like a drawing of a snitch with the words, “I open at the close.” There’s a table set aside specifically for Severus Snape, who was played by the late Alan Rickman in the films. The Bad Owl’s WiFi is even named after a certain famous snowy white owl.

The café will of course also serve “normal” drinks for any customers who aren’t particularly spellbound by the thought of a butterbeer latte, like espressos, Americanos, affogatos, and Nutella lattes.

The Bad Owl plans to add heartier lunch options for hangry Hufflepuffs and grumbling Gryffindor stomachs, but for now, customers can indulge in pastries and bear claws.

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