'90s Kids, Get Ready To Freak Out: Hi-C Ecto Cooler Juice Is Coming Back!

For soda companies, 2015 has been the year to dust off old products and bring them back to appease the kids of the '90s. First we saw the return of Crystal Pepsi, and then the lemon-lime Surge soft drink returned to shelves.Now, Hi-C is getting in on the action by reintroducing its Ecto Cooler juice box, featuring the animated version of Ghostbuster's fun-loving ectoplasmic troublemaker, Slimer.

The citrus-flavored, neon-green drink was rebranded in 2001 and then disappeared from shelves completely in 2007.

Although the news has not yet been made official, Coca-Cola, which owns Hi-C, filed a trademark patent earlier this fall by the Ecto-Cooler name, according to CNBC. This would be the second nostalgic resurgence Coca-Cola has offered this year, following the successful return on Surge.

The reintroduction of Ecto-Cooler will likely coincide with the release of the Ghostbusters movie reboot with an all-female cast, which will be hitting theaters next summer, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.

The news of Ecto-Cooler's return has definitely caused some buzz: