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This $9,000 Bottle of Scotch Inspired an Original Jazz Composition

The scotch matured for 41 years in casks that previously held bourbon and oloroso sherry

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The Pride 1974’s crystal decanter is designed by Laurence Brabant and comes in a wooden box.

Living life in luxury will cost you, especially if you want to listen to classy jazz while sipping on fine scotch — or at least that’s what Glenmorangie must have had in mind when planning to release their newest product, the Glenmorangie Pride 1974.

The Glenmorangie Pride 1974 is a $9,000 bottle of single malt scotch that inspired an original composition by jazz pianist Aaron Diehl, Billboard reported.

According to the company, the scotch is the “rarest, oldest, and deepest” single malt created from its distillery. As for taste, Glenmorangie says you can find hints of baked apples, oranges, honey, and menthol, then a toffee taste “balanced by molasses, double cream, spicy clove, and aniseed.”

After a personal tasting of the scotch, Diehl translated his Glenmorangie Pride 1974 experience into music in a piece that aims to “echo the whisky’s depth of character, its long maturation, and its astonishing tastes.”

If you’re not able to get your own bottle of the scotch, you can still listen to the composition here.


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