9-Year-Old Boy Raises Thousands For His Own Adoption With A Lemonade Stand

We've come across plenty of kids with lemonade stands for noble causes, like the little boy who was raising money for his sick friend's medical bills. But this one really pulls at your heartstrings. Tristan Jacobson, 9, set up a lemonade stand outside his home in Springfield, Missouri, to help pay for his own adoption fees.

Donnie and Jimmy Davis have only been his kinship guardians since Tristan was five years old, and his makeshift business helped raise more than enough — one dollar-lemonade at a time — to pay for the exorbitant $10,000 adoption fees.In total, between the lemonade stand and Tristan's online YouCaring fund, more than $25,000 has been raised, and they are well on their way to becoming Tristan's official parents.

Tristan, according to the backstory on Donnie's YouCaring page, is the son of her ex-husband and the teenage girl whom he had an affair with nearly a decade ago. When Tristan's biological father was arrested, Donnie took temporary custody of the child to help his mother and divorced his father. Then Tristan was back in custody with his biological mother until he was four years old, when she dropped him off on Donnie's doorstep. Tristan has been with her and her husband Jimmy ever since.

The extra money raised, Tristan's guardians suggest, will go toward his college education.