19-Year-Old Throws Beer at Police Responding to Noise Complaint, Is Arrested for Underage Drinking

He could have just put the beer down
Unthinking 19-Year-Old Throws Beer at Police Responding to Noise Complaint, Gets Arrested for Underage Drinking

Shutterstock/Eugene Sergeev 

The teenager was quickly taken into custody. 

A 19-year-old Virginia man decided it would be a good idea to greet local deputies who arrived at a house party in response to a noise complaint by throwing his can of beer at them.

The authorities, who spoke to an adult when they arrived, were seemingly interrupted by the teenager, who could have chosen to do absolutely anything else with his beer — like put it down. Instead, he aimed it at the police.

The underage partygoer, Diego Delao, reportedly became “combative” when police tried to take him into custody, and incited a larger fight among the crowd, according to WUSA 9, a CBS affiliate.

Delao, probably much to his own surprise, was then charged with two accounts of assault on law enforcement, obstruction of justice, and underage possession of alcohol. One of the deputies was later treated for injuries sustained as he tried to break up the party.

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