Doughnut Holes, Munchkins Or Timbits? Twitter Debates

The latest Twitter debate of 2019 regards doughnut holes, a generic term for the center cutout of a regular, circular (or, more specifically, torus-shaped) doughnut. But depending on where you grew up or which coffee chain you frequent, you might call them something else. 

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Twitter user @nctreplay started a fire with the million dollar question: "Quick what do you call these?" alongside an image of the bite-sized glazed, blueberry, powdered and chocolate treats. Answering her own inquiry, she said that Munchkins was the correct answer — but that's not always the case. 

Take @leedaehwi for example, who said, "wtf are munchkins ive never heard of that before omg." It's unclear where this person is from, but if you grew up in the part of America where there's a Dunkin' on every street corner — which is most of it, as the chain has locations in 41 states — then you know that that's what the brand calls its doughnut holes.

Others chimed in, calling them Timbits (what Tim Hortons calls its doughnut holes), robin's eggs (what they're apparently called in parts of Canada), beignets (something completely different), doughnut bites (acceptable) and "badly made gulab jamuns," which are fried dough balls soaked in syrup that are popular in South Asia. Regardless of what you call them, we can probably all agree that they're pretty great, but they don't hold a candle to the best doughnut in every state.