Double Decker Pizza Debuts for the Holidays

Pizza Hut Singapore launches a pizza on top of a pizza, because Christmas (?)

Pizza Hut's latest creation: The Double Decker Pizza.

Oh Christmas, the time for roasts and cakes, candy canes, and pizzas, obviously.

While Japan might make a habit of fried chicken for Christmas (it's a thing, look it up), Pizza Hut in Singapore is apparently trying to make pizza an annual Christmas tradition.

Last year Pizza Hut Singapore created a "Double Sensation" pizza with a two-ringed pizza crust. This year, they literally stack one pizza on top of another to create a Double Decker pizza for Christmas.

The Double Decker reportedly features two pizzas: the first, a regular stuffed-crust pizza with chicken pepperoni and red and green bell peppers, Brand Eating reports. The second layer is a thin, tortilla-like crust, tossed on top of the first, and topped with turkey ham, romatoes, and zucchini slices.  

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The Facebook page has been advertising the new monstrous creation for a good month, and while we won't be ordering in any pizza this Christmas, actually passing the holidays stress-free and hunkering down with a crazy slice for fun doesn't look so bad with only a few days left until Christmas.