Doritos Roulette Gives You One Super Spicy Chip Per Handful

Doritos Roulette is a new Doritos variety that puts 25 percent extremely spicy chips in a bag of normal nacho-flavored Doritos

Do ya feel lucky, punk? Take a stab at a Doritos Roulette.

Doritos Roulette is the newest chip variety/sadistic party game that takes a bag of approximately completely harmless orange dust-coated chips and replaces 25 percent of them with dangerously-hot and spicy flavored Doritos. The crazy part? The spicy ones look exactly like the regular ones. We could think of all sorts of mean tricks you could play on your friends. Leave a bowl of Roulette Doritos out during a get-together and laugh manically as approximately one in four of your friends start grabbing the nearest gallon of milk or garden hose, for example. Unfortunately the devil’s Doritos are only available in Canada right now, but we hope they will be making their way to the States soon.

Apparently the super-spicy Doritos are no joke, because Canadians have been posting photos of themselves in various states of distress on Instagram and Twiter with the hashtag #burnselfies. (Best selfie could win some serious cash from PepsiCo). There’s also been a trend of YouTube videos where brave snackers take on the “Doritos Roulette Challenge" where competitors eat as many Doritos Roulette chips as they can in one sitting, similar to the popular cinnamon challenge fad a few years ago.


Laugh, or sympathize with these poor unfortunate souls.