The Donnoli — a Cannoli-Doughnut Hybrid — Comes to Philly


Mama Mia! We need to get down to Philly ASAP to sample these donnoli!

From Ansel’s original cronut to the wonut (a waffle-doughnut), we’re not sure if we can handle any more doughnut-hybrid creations. But one look at the donnoli, and we may make an exception. The donnoli is the fairly-new and already super-popular doughnut-cannoli hybrid that’s the brainchild of Frangelli’s Bakery. The pastry starts with two halves of a doughnut (from their recipe that’s been around since 1947), and fills the inside with cannoli cream. It’s basically a gigantic fried cannoli sandwich, and we’re completely OK with that.

According to Zagat, bakery owner John Colosi actually didn’t set out to make a cronut-esque creation: He made one batch, purely out of curiosity, and decided they were so good, he had to put them on the menu. Frangelli’s Bakery is located in South Philadelphia, and each donnoli only costs approximately $3 and holds 300 calories each. That’s 100 calories per dollar, and a lot of ricotta-flavored bang for your buck.


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi