Dominique Ansel Collaborates on Chocolate with Neuhaus

He's developed a peanut butter ganache with soft toffee in milk chocolate

The creator of the Cronut collaborates with the Belgian chocolate house.

Dominique Ansel has another collaboration out (remember Shake Shack?), this time with nothing to do with the Cronut.

Ansel has been tapped by chocolatier Neuhaus to create a new praline, to be featured alongside eight other pastry chef creations. The nine-chocolate box, on sale in Neuhaus shops mid-October, features chocolate creations from pastry chefs from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Japan, China, Paris, and the U.K.

Notable chefs? Former elBulli pastry chef Oriol Balaguer created a praline with "popping sugar," passion fruit, Piedmont hazelnuts, and a layer of praline in milk chocolate. "It is inspired by 'La Fallas,' the annual popular celebration in Valencia. The popping sugar represents the crackling fireworks," he said in a press release.


Ansel, in the meantime, contributed a caramel peanut praline, made with roasted peanuts and a layer of caramel. "A tip of the hat to America and a fusion of two cultures," Ansel said in a press release. Check out the chocolate over at Neuhaus.