Disney Celebrates 'Frozen 2' With Olaf Dole Whip Slushy

Orlando may have a tropical climate, but Walt Disney World's desserts are turning icy blue in anticipation of "Frozen 2," which lands in theaters Nov. 22. The Florida theme park announced a brand-new line of fall- and winter-themed enchanted eats inspired by the animated film including cupcakes, Dole Whip, cream soda, mousse and much more.

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Starting Nov. 8 at Magic Kingdom, visitors can look forward to "Olaf's Frozen Hot Chocolate Cake" at Main Street Bakery. The super-cute confection features gluten-free chocolate cake layered with chocolate crispy pearls, chocolate panna cotta and marshmallow fluff. During Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, diners can also get "Sven's Carrot Cake" topped with cream cheese frosting, sugar carrots and a decorative chocolate piece featuring the goofy reindeer.

There's just one "Frozen" themed item on the menu at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park's Leaning Palms. "Elsa's Frozen Wave" is a cotton candy vanilla milkshake with whipped cream, multi-color fall and winter sprinkles and a white chocolate coin.

On Nov. 15 in Disney Springs, The Ganachery will launch "Chocolate Olaf," a creamy milk chocolate Olaf filled with mini pumpkin spice marshmallows in a pile of chocolate leaves, a "Pumpkin Spice Ganache Square" and a "Chocolate Ganache Pop" with salted caramel. Marketplace Snacks will offer an "Olaf Dole Whip Slushy" with vanilla soft serve, blue raspberry slush, an Olaf chocolate piece and chocolate chip buttons; and Amorett's Patisserie will serve an "Anna and Elsa Petit Cake" and an "Arendelle Anna Petit Cake," both of which are built with cinnamon-nutmeg chiffon cake, Calvados caramel mousse, cranberry-cherry pate de fruit and roasted hazelnuts.

In Epcot at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, customers can now purchase a four-pack of cupcakes inspired by the elements. "Earth" is a chocolate cupcake with cookie crumbles and candy rocks, "Wind" is a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream and fall leaf sprinkles, "Fire" is a chocolate cupcake with fire-shaped buttercream, and "Water" is a vanilla cupcake with blue buttercream and sugar bubbles.

The same cafe is also selling lemon-based "Fall Cheesecake" with graham cracker crust topped with Olaf and leaf sprinkles; "Caramel Mousse" with sea salt, vanilla cake crust and white chocolate; "Frozen Orange Vanilla Cream Soda" served in a souvenir cup; and "Sven's Apple Cheesecake," which is regular cheesecake filled with apples.

At various resorts, vacationers can find the "Dark Sea Chocolate Cake," "Frozen Waves Cupcake" (starting Nov. 17), "Frozen Fractals Cupcake" (starting Nov. 1), "'Frozen 2' Pumpkin Spiced Donut Tart," "Hidden Truth Cupcake," "Water Spirit Cupcake," "Enchanted Forest Leaves" and "Fall Into Winter Dessert" (Nov. 24). 

These sweet treats are cool as ice, but they won't be available year-round. We're not quite sure when they'll disappear for good, but if you have a fun-filled vacation planned for a later date, we've got you covered with Disney's most iconic park snacks.