Dad Deemed Unfit For Refusing Son McDonald's And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Bacon Hates You: Sad news, breakfast lovers: Despite how delicious bacon is, it still hates you. [YouTube]

Dad's McDonald's Debate: After giving his son a choice of having anything but McDonald's for dinner, or no dinner, and having his son choose the latter, a father was deemed unfit for parenting for refusing to give his son fast food. [NY Post]

Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Reviews: Reviews are in for the reality star's cookbook, and it's not looking good. "This is a celebrity vanity book that happens to have a few non-original recipes," one writes. [Radar Online]

Mickey D's Classes Up for Italy: The fast-food chain is attempting to appeal to Italians with local beef from Piedmontese and Chianina cattle. [Food World News]

Christmas Gin Kit: Now you can make your own gin at home and shame all the beer brewers you know with this homemade Christmas gin kit. [PR Newswire]

Red Stripe Burst: The Jamaican beer has a new fruity raspberry-flavored beer out, and it's naturally being labeled as a "cocktail on training wheels." [Jezebel]