Dad Deemed Unfit for Refusing Son McDonald's and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Red Stripe Burst, plus the truth about bacon

Should you give your kid McDonald's for dinner if he refuses everything else?

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Bacon Hates You: Sad news, breakfast lovers: Despite how delicious bacon is, it still hates you. [YouTube]

Dad's McDonald's Debate: After giving his son a choice of having anything but McDonald's for dinner, or no dinner, and having his son choose the latter, a father was deemed unfit for parenting for refusing to give his son fast food. [NY Post]

Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Reviews: Reviews are in for the reality star's cookbook, and it's not looking good. "This is a celebrity vanity book that happens to have a few non-original recipes," one writes. [Radar Online]

Mickey D's Classes Up for Italy: The fast-food chain is attempting to appeal to Italians with local beef from Piedmontese and Chianina cattle. [Food World News]

Christmas Gin Kit: Now you can make your own gin at home and shame all the beer brewers you know with this homemade Christmas gin kit. [PR Newswire]

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Red Stripe Burst: The Jamaican beer has a new fruity raspberry-flavored beer out, and it's naturally being labeled as a "cocktail on training wheels." [Jezebel]