Tom Daley Instagrams Cooking a Full English Breakfast, Sends Internet Into a Frenzy

Daley’s unique segmented pan sparked debate among fans
Tom Daley

s_bukley / Shutterstock

Pan retailer says sales went up 1,000 percent after Daley’s post.

English diver and television personality Tom Daley had no idea what he was in for when he posted a seemingly innocuous picture of himself cooking breakfast for him and his fiancé, Dustin Lance Black, on Instagram. The photo is a picture of Daley pointing to food he is cooking on the stove, and the caption reads, “Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American.”

What has sparked much oohing and ahhing and heated debate regarding this picture is not Daley himself, but the segmented pan that he uses as ‘all-in-one’ to cook his breakfast. Some were immediately convinced that they needed this pan in their life. One user writes, “Considering dropping £70 on Tom Daley's amazing frying pan.” Another user, simply amused at the amount of attention given towards a cookware item, writes, “My timeline is mostly talking about Tom Daley's frying pan. If this is 2016, I like it.”

It seems that not everyone was on board with Daley’s pan. Users expressed concern over proper cooking of different food items, practicality in terms of cleaning the pan, and general unwieldiness associated with the pan. Daley’s fiancé Black put naysayers worried about taste to rest with an Instagram post of his own. Black writes, “With all the curiosity around@tomdaley1994's new pan, thought I'd share the result: #mesmerized.”

A version of this pan by Lakeland costs £59.99, and is made to prepare a complete meal all at once. Lakeland reports that its sales went up by 1,000 percent.

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