These Sriracha Seasoning Sticks Will Change the Way You Cook

Huy Fong Foods is releasing a line of Sriracha sticks that transform into powdered seasoning as you cook

And you thought you were addicted to the sauce….

Sriracha flavoring is everywhere from vodka to McDonald’s burgers. — but now the Thai-style hot sauce is aailable in a new form: Southern California-based Huy Fong Foods, whose version of the sauce ignited the sriracha craze, has released a line of sriracha seasoning sticks, designed to add heat to your meat dishes.

The new product, marketed as Sriracha Seasoning Stix, comes in sold form, but transforms into a powder that can be used as a dry rub or to form a crust on meat. The Stix, come in a tube and look like reddish Pocky sticks and comes in regular, butter garlic, teriyaki, and something mysterious called "Blend X."

Huy Fong believes they will solve a common problem with meat marinades: "One of the main issues relative to seasoning meat is that meat is mainly water,” the company said in a statement. “Water cannot be compressed, but must be displaced and until the water moves out of the way the seasoning cannot get into the meat fibers to flavor the dish."

The result is (supposedly) a meat dish that’s full of fiery chile flavor without being watered down by traditional sauces.


The Stix will be available online only starting at the end of February. Keep checking back here for more details.