Roots Conference 2014 Exclusive Video: Chef José Andrés on Feeding Nations and the Future of Food

Pictured: chef José Andrés (left) with farmer Lee Jones during the 2014 Roots Conference.

In October, the second-annual Roots Conference was held on the grounds of the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio. The two-day event included presentations from some of the culinary industry’s most compelling chefs and thinkers.

Glenn Roberts from Anson Mills, Gunnar Gislason of Iceland’s Dill Restaurant, Alexander Rapaport from Masbia Soup Kitchen, and Leigh Adcock of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network were among the 23 speakers who covered topics including Seed Advocacy, Farming, Insects as Protein, Indigenous Cuisine, Restaurant Crowdfunding, Ancient Traditions and Modern Technology.

Next year’s conference, which is sponsored by The Chef’s Garden, is scheduled for September 21, 2015. Chef José Andrés, the keynote speaker, gave a passionate presentation on the first night of the event.

He spoke about the feeding of nations, the role of government, and the future of food. He also announced his new fast-casual concept, Beefsteak. The first video to drop is from that speech:


Watch for more videos in the coming weeks.