Residents In Los Altos, California, Told To Boil Water After Discovery Of E. Coli

Residents in a number of neighborhoods in Los Altos, California, have been instructed by the California Water Service to boil their water before drinking it, citing the discovery of E. coli bacteria.

"E. coli and total coliform were found in your water supply on July 26, 2015," warned a notice posted to several homes. "These bacteria can make you sick and are a particular concern for people with weakened immune systems. Do not cook or drink with the water without boiling it first."

Officials believe that they have identified the source of the contamination. "We had a water main break on Friday morning that we worked for about 12 hours to repair," Michael Smith of the California Water Service told ABC 7 News.

Residents who suspect that they have consumed the affected water are advised to seek medical attention and have a doctor report the illness so that the contamination can be monitored.