Apparently, newspapers aren’t selling well these days.

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The New York Times Is Starting a Food Delivery Service

The New York Times is going to start delivering meal kits to your home based on recipes from the NYT Cooking website

The New York Times is the latest company to jump on the meal-delivery bandwagon. Joining the ranks of Blue Apron, and dozens more, the number one newspaper in the country will begin delivering ingredients and meal preps from the recipes on its NYT Cooking website. According to Bloomberg, the new business venture is meant to offset the cost of declining print subscriptions.

“Our audience spends a lot of time cooking at home,” said Alice Ting, vice president of brand development, licensing and syndication for the Times. “So for us it was a natural area to investigate.”

The Times will begin rolling out its new meal delivery kits this summer in conjunction with Chef’d. Subscribers will receive meal kits within 48 hours.

NYT Cooking launched in 2014. Users don’t even have to have a subscription to The New York Times to join, and the website features more than 17,000 recipes and thousands of active users.

“These meal kits we’re offering are just another tool to help our users become more comfortable in the kitchen,” Amanda Rottier, product director of NYT Cooking told Bloomberg.

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