Monitor Your Meats From Your Smart Phone With This Bluetooth Thermometer

Remember how you used to test the temperature of roasts by sticking in a regular thermometer and waiting until it popped up? That's so 20th century. "Meat" the new Taylor SmarTemp: a Bluetooth thermometer that connects to your iPhone. It works like a regular thermometer, but it connects to your smartphone to show you the temperature of your meat, candy, or the ambient temperature of the oven in real time, as well as suggested inner temperatures and cooking times so you don't burn the turkey (again).

"The new Taylor SmarTemp thermometer is a perfect tool for the multi-tasking cooker, monitoring two different temperatures at once or other cooking tasks without having to hover near the oven or grill," said Liz Wentland,   director of marketing, Kitchen & Weather at Taylor Precision Products.

 "The Bluetooth-enabled thermometer allows you to step away from the kitchen to handle other household tasks and alerts you when your dish is cooked at the correct temperature."

The SmarTemp actually comes with two probes: one for sticking directly inside your meat, and the other to record ambient temperature for cooking candies. The app provides USDA meat temperature guidelines, a dropdown menu for the delicate heat variations of your candy or baked goods, and a display showing your temperatures and timers. Also, in case you're feeling particularly Pinterest-worthy, the app has a built-in camera so you can post your finished dishes to social media right away.