This Kickstarter Wants To Sell You A Super Fancy Chef's Knife For Only $65

Whether you've actually worked in a professional kitchen or you just like playing celebrity chef at home, chances are that your favorite utensil is a trusty kitchen knife. It's not hard to figure out why — it's powerful, sleek, and of course, dangerously sharp. What's not to love?

Actually, about that — you probably have an answer for that too, and it's "the price tag." At Williams-Sonoma, for instance, the cheapest chef's knife still runs you around $100, and then there's this one for $3,000...

A newly launched Kickstarter, however, wants to be the antidote to the utterly inundated knife market, sometimes complicated by the price gouging that accompanies brand names and sleek advertising. Enter the Misen knife, made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel, and without any middle management.

Designed by a dedicated team of cooks and designers, the $65 Misen has already been tested by professionals and been through nearly two years of testing. "Countless tomatoes, onions, and carrots [were] cut" along the way, the designers promise, and all you have to do is sign up.

As a matter of fact, after just a day on Kickstarter, Misen has already reached nearly 10 times its initial goal of $25,000, which means that it's definitely going into production, and you would be wise to tag along. The best part is, Misen has promised that if ever your knife goes dull, "we'll make it sharp, simple as that."

If you need more convincing, check out Misen's Kickstarter