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Jessica Seinfeld Dishes on ‘Food Swings’ Cookbook and Her First Date With Jerry

The cook book will feature more than 125 recipes

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When she’s not cooking, Seinfeld runs a nonprofit that helps families in need with baby supplies.

Jessica Seinfeld is more than the wife of comedian and actor Jerry — she’s also the president and founder of the nonprofit Good+ Foundation and the author to three New York Times best-selling cookbooks. On Tuesday, April 25, Seinfeld is launching her newest cookbook, Food Swings.

"I created this book with the concept of when you live in virtue you need some vice and when you live in vice, you can definitely use some virtue," Seinfeld told ABC News.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Seinfeld offers up tips, from keeping your kitchen organized by pre-chopping ingredients before cooking to adding more spices to healthy dishes to add some flavor.

"It's a great way to make simple things feel more sophisticated," Seinfeld said. "So if you're a beginner cook, I’m like, 'Use a ton of spices.'"

Seinfeld revealed the recipe she made for Jerry on their first date: chicken Parmesan.

"When Jerry asked me on our first date, he said, 'Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?' and I said 'Oh, I am so happy to cook. I'll make chicken Parmesan,'" Seinfeld said. "And so our first date was around this dish."


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