Jamie Oliver Takes Aim at Boris Johnson Following EU Referendum

The celebrity chef ranted in an Instagram post, targeting the ex-mayor of London and leader of the Brexit campaign

Jamie Oliver’s #BuggerOffBoris attacks the bombastic political figure.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has a message for his fellow Britons following the EU referendum. Naturally, the message isn’t rosy at all.

Oliver took to Instagram as he wrapped up filming in Sardinia. The message focuses on the future of British politics: David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister, and bookies have established Boris Johnson as the odds-on favorite for the job. This news was not greeted kindly by Oliver, who immediately used the hashtag #BuggerOffBoris to express his dismay.


A thought for Great Britain..... For the last two years, I have been filming all over the world in places where people live the longest, healthiest, happiest and most productive lives studying there food and culture. And now I finish my journey on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where at the end of the day's filming, as the sun set - I looked back and saw the European flag. For me.. symbolic and very sad. But in life you don't always get what you want. So guys, whether you voted In or Out, we are where we are. But at some point soon we all need to come back together and make the best of what will be a very bumpy 5 years. This referendum has fractured Europe, divided families and split the country. The divorce of our European marriage will be very costly and provoke a bitterness towards us as a trusted country in the world...However I do believe in democracy and Britain has spoken. In my own way I will now roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work. But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister and I'm done. I'm out. My faith in us will be broken forever. So speak up people - let's stop being spectators! We can not let this happen- share the hell out of this !! #BuggerOffBoris  Trust and building relationships with other country's is the only currency that really works. (Tune -- #TemperTrap)

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Boris Johnson is the bombastic former mayor of London who improbably broke his alliance with David Cameron to lead the Brexit campaign. Pundits on both sides of the Atlantic have likened him to Donald Trump, and Oliver’s vitriol for the man is at a level usually reserved for red-faced Americans yelling about Trump; why else would he use caps lock for emphasis USUALLY ONLY RESERVED FOR CRAZY PEOPLE.


Regardless, the post is a thoughtful look at a turbulent and unprecedented time in British history. Oliver’s post, in British fashion, shows that, despite his disagreement with the result, he will do his utmost to “make it work.” Oliver will use that can-do attitude to try and enact real, political change. Maybe afterwards he can take his newfound attitude and shore up his flagging company