Instant Cookies Are Here and We’re Excited

The CHiP Smart Cookie Oven starts at $99 on Kickstarter and can make up to four ooey-gooey fresh cookies at a time

It’s like an Easy Bake Oven for adults.

Calling all cookie monsters: The CHiP Smart Cookie Oven is a smart pod oven that can transform raw dough into delicious cookies in multiple flavors in fewer than 10 minutes.CHiP is somewhere at the crossroads of a Keurig, Easy Bake Oven, and 3D printer. Right now the project has raised more than $25,000 on Kickstarter and is due to be released to the general public for $249 by the holidays — or as little as $99 if you pledge a certain amount on Kickstarter.

CHiP — created by Sidechef — connects to your smartphone. You simply insert the dough (in flavors like sea salt chocolate chip, chickpea carob, and white chocolate macadamia), and then scan the device with your phone. The CHiP app will already know your cookie preferences (chewy and soft or crispy and biting). Then out pops four fresh-baked cookies in fewer than 10 minutes, almost like magic.

The only downside is that, according to the Kickstarter, you can only make four cookies at once as the device is pretty small (like a Keurig), but perhaps in the future a larger CHiP will be released to unleash an entire baker’s dozen at once.


Cookie dough balls are sold for between $5 and $7 à la carte, or true sweets fans can subscribe to a box of 16 cookies per month $16, or $1 per cookie.