Is Flavortown Going Meat-Free? Guy Fieri Hints at Writing a Vegetarian Cookbook

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Guy Fieri hints in an interview at the Carnival Summertime Beer-B-Q that he’d love to write a vegetarian cookbook
We see flavor-smashing veggie burgers and Guy’s Tubular Tofu in our future…

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We see flavor-smashing veggie burgers and Guy’s Tubular Tofu in our future…

It’s hard to picture the man whose claim to fame is ranting about greasy burgers and chili with his mouth full writing for the meat-free crowd. But Guy Fieri, in all of his bleached-blonde glory, has jokingly hinted that he would be open to publishing a vegetarian cookbook.

“I always tell my family — and they laugh about it — but someday I will write a vegetarian book,” the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives star told People at the Carnival Summertime Beer-B-Que in New York City. “My cousin, who’s a big vegetarian, tells me flat out, ‘You’re my favorite vegetarian chef.'”

He went on to almost wax poetic about his appreciation for vegetarian food:

“I learned so much about it,” he said. “At first, people think about vegetarian food like, ‘Here’s some veggies. Here’s some pasta.’ But there’s so much more you can do in the vegetarian and vegan world.”

He’s gone vegan on a few different occasions, even stopping by Minnesota vegan butcher shop, The Herbivorous Butcher, for a meat-free DDD episode. There’s even an entire section on his website dedicated to vegetarian food, so it’s not out of the question. 

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