Behold the Beer Keg Bacon Burger Pizza: the Extreme Grilling King of the Summer

Grillmaster Charlie Sims whipped up this 30-pound monster that layers burger and beef fixings with a bacon crust

Nutritional information is not listed in this recipe, but let’s be honest: Would you really want to know the calorie count for that thing?

The beer keg bacon burger pizza is not an associative word game where the clue is “What’s inside a college fraternity’s fridge?” No, the BKBBP, as we like to call it, is a real — albeit extreme — recipe from home-grilling master Charlie Sims, who shared his recipe with The Times-Picayune.First, he arranges 17 pounds of ground beef, three pounds of sausage, a pound of ham, pepperoni, tomato sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, four cheeses, and a crust (made from bacon instead of dough, of course), around the bottom of a beer keg. He then loads this 30-pound meat-pocalypse onto the grill, and slow-cooks it for two hours. It might have placed on our list of the most fattening foods on Earth, but thankfully, Sims keeps the calorie count quiet.

Wow. Sims got the idea for the beer keg bacon burger pizza after he saw an episode on the BBQ Pit Boys YouTube channel in which the boys cooked a beer-can bacon cheeseburger. He bought his first smoker and began experimenting, according to He then decided to create an even more extreme barbecue experiment to one-up the BBQ Pit Boys.

Sims said he cooked his beer keg burger pizza bomb for 20 guests during a party, and it was an instant hit — no buns needed. Get the full recipe here.