An All-Bacon Hot Dog Bun Is the Best Way to Celebrate the End of Summer

Grillocracy has unveiled the all-bacon hot dog bun recipe as the ultimate paleo, meat-lover’s sandwich

Where we’re going…we don’t need (traditional) buns. 

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than by grilling up some hot dogs? But before you head out to the store to buy regular hot dog buns, you may want to check out Grillocracy’s mouthwatering recipe for an all-bacon hot dog bun: a grilled frank nestled in the heart of a bacon weave: now that’s what we call a Labor Day celebration.Entirely gluten-free, carb-free, and paleo-friendly, you can get the recipe over at Grillocracy.

We’ll break down the basics: all you need is eight slices of thick-cut bacon, two hot dogs, aluminum foil, and the ability to artfully weave bacon. For this recipe, you’ll actually want to cook the bacon at the same time as the hot dog, with the hot dog wrapped in aluminum foil, and the bacon around the outside.


As we see it, this is the perfect way to celebrate International Bacon Day on August 31, but you could also check out any number of the tempting bacon recipes on The Daily Meal.