Coffee Soda at Starbucks and More News

In today's Media Mix, Gordon Ramsay talks dirty, plus James Bond's drinking problem

Starbucks can add fizz to your morning buzz.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Gordon Ramsay Talks Dirty: Another video supercut where Ramsay says the dirtiest things (although he does have a potty mouth to begin with). [Devour]

Gender Roles vs. Pizza Rolls: Totino's rips off a Cyanide and Happiness comic by tweeting something about getting rid of gender roles for pizza rolls. [Jezebel]

James Bond's Alcohol Habits: The super spy was definitely at risk for a number of alcohol-related diseases, British doctors conclude, as he had about 92 units of booze a week (more than four times the safe amount recommended by the government). [AP]

Coffee Shop Responds to Crime: After a string of robberies occured along a small street in Lexington, Ky., A Cup of Common Wealth decided to give a free cup of coffee to anyone who makes a purchase at the targeted stores. [HuffPo]


Starbucks' Coffee Soda: Another secret menu trick at the coffee giant; you can get most anything carbonated, thanks to the new "Fizzio" line, which uses a carbonation machine. Imagine the possibilities of carbonated cider. [Quartz]