Coffee Mate Announces New Cinnamon Toast Crunch Creamer

Ahead of New Year's resolutions we won't keep, Nestle has announced two new Coffee Mate creamers, both of which were modeled after nostalgic childhood treats: General Mills' Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and Pillsbury's Funfetti cake with rainbow sprinkles.

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Both flavors are expected to hit the dairy section of your favorite grocery store in January. Each bottle costs $3.99 and holds 32 ounces of creamer waiting to transform your coffee into dessert or breakfast cereal, which basically is dessert.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch creamer tastes like cinnamon and brown sugar with hints of toasted cereal. It's cream-based, so it's essentially what you're left with when you finish a bowl of real Cinnamon Toast Crunch: sugary cereal milk. And anyone who's anyone knows that's the good stuff.

The Funfetti creamer has notes of vanilla and cake batter with a sweet finish that's supposed to mimic frosting. We're not 100% sure what makes this Funfetti because there are no sprinkles, so it probably just tastes like vanilla cake, and we're here for that. 

Other new offerings from Nestle's coffee portfolio include Natural Bliss whipped buttercream ($3.29) and cashew milk ($3.29) coming in January. A third, unsweetened half-and-half ($3.29), is available now. The plant-based product is sugar free and keto-friendly, made with real almond milk and coconut cream. Finding new ways to make your morning joe exciting is just one of many reasons you should drink more coffee.