Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Food If You Try Their Sofritas

Customers who purchase a Sofritas (vegan) protein option on January 26 will get a coupon for a free entrée

Go vegan for a day at Chipotle, and your wallet will thank you later. 

Chipotle really loves their fairly new vegan protein option, Sofritas, and they want you to love it, too. So, carnivores, we have some good news for you: if you forgo meat on your next Chipotle run, you can get free food. Chipotle has announced that January 26 is National Sofritas Promotion day, and, as a result, if you buy a burrito or burrito bowl with Sofritas in it, you can redeem your receipt for a free entrée of your choice any time between January 27 and February 28. Plus, January 26 is a Monday so it goes perfectly with your Meatless Monday routine, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Why? Chipotle really wants you to try their tofu-based vegan entrée, which premiered last March and has slowly been expanding to Chipotle outlets nationwide.

“When we created Sofritas, our goal was to create a delicious vegetarian option, but we quickly learned that it also appeals to many of our non-vegetarian customers,” said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle in a statement. “This promotion is designed to expose even more of our customers to Sofritas and hopefully give them one more reason to love Chipotle.”


In short: you can get free Chipotle this winter. Need we say any more?