Chinese Competitive Eater Consumes 160 Eggs For Christmas

A Chinese competitive eater decided to celebrate Christmas by eating 160 eggs in 40 minutes, and told The Associated Foreign Press on Wednesday that he "was he good health and planned more extreme stunts."

In a red and white Santa hat and athletic jacket, 46 year-old Pan Yizhong ate 150 quail eggs and 10 chicken eggs in under 40 minutes on Tuesday, December 23 in an effort to promote a restaurant in the Hunan province.

Pan told the AFP that Christmastime "seemed like an appropriate time to eat eggs," since the Chinese word for Christmas — Shengdanjie — includes a character which is homophone for "egg."

Pan, a legendary competitive eater in China, "has previously dispatched 147 dumplings in a single sitting and once polished off 40 bowls of noodles in 15 minutes," according to The Telegraph.

Pan reportedly opted to stop at 160 eggs because he was "becoming tired of the flavor," but says that he does not feel that he has reached his limit.