Cereal Café With 100 Varieties Of Breakfast Cereal Plans To Expand Worldwide

It was a simple idea, and some people thought they were crazy. But an IndieGoGo campaign, 100 cereals and (likely) several bowls of sweetened milk later, Cereal Killer Cafe — London's first breakfast cereal café — is a reality. Even though their crowdfunding campaign was a flop, identical twins Alan and Gary Keery got the exposure they needed and opened up London's first Cereal Killer Café last month, with a second café to follow soon after in Camden. The café boasts between 80 and 100 types of cereal, including vintage and discontinued brands, with 13 kinds of milk, and 20 toppings. But the Keery brothers don't want to stop at London; they want to take over the world.

The brothers confirmed with London 24 that they have had several franchisee offers of interest from several countries, and would like to take this idea abroad. Could a Cereal Killer Café be opening up in your neighborhood? Some of the cereal varieties include Oreo O's (which are still sold in Korea), Fruity Pebbles, and cereals based off beloved fictional characters like Pokémon, Bill and Ted, The Addams family, and Cabbage Patch Kids.

But why, their critics wonder, would you go out to a café to pay a markup for cereal that you could easily eat at home? According to the team, it's all about the experience.

"We remember how exciting cereal was as kids and we are trying to recreate it in our café, so you'll be surrounded by a lot of vintage cereal memorabilia to stir up the nostalgia in all of us," Alan Keery told London 24. "We're putting our own twist on a regular bowl of cereal by letting you customize it with different milks and toppings. This is a café experience like no other."