Can’t Afford to Eat at The French Laundry? Buy a Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

The California State Lottery now gives you the chance to eat at one of the most famous restaurants in the world

We’ve heard of restaurant reservation lottery systems, but this is almost a bit too literal.

As if it weren’t already all too clear that most people cannot afford a meal at Thomas Keller’s celebrated French Laundry in Napa Valley, the California State Lottery has just announced a new scratch-off lottery  opportunity: lucky winners could score an 18-course dinner and wine pairing at this temple of gastronomy, along with as a two-night stay at the Napa Valley Lodge with spa treatment included.

From now until January 30, anyone (over 18) who buys an Emerald 10’s scratch-off ticket from the California State Lottery will have the chance to enter the online contest being dubbed the “Ultimate Foodie” contest. You have to include a photo of yourself clearly holding the scratch-off ticket, as well as a 500-character caption on whom you'd share the prize with and why. The winner will be announced this Valentine’s Day. He or she will have to wait a bit, though. The restaurant is currently undergoing renovations and will re-open this summer.


The lottery organization has confirmed that it is not affiliated with The French Laundry in any way, and simply purchased a “Black Card” experience from the restaurant. The entire “Ultimate Foodie” prize has been valued at $2,500.